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Dynafor participates in the dissemination of knowledge, the popularization of research and citizen reflections on issues related to landscapes, biodiversity and more broadly sustainable development.

Dynafor's communication activities are very diversified, both in terms of the target audience and the format used.

The Communication Mission (Head: C. Sirami) was therefore created in order to structure them and give them more scope.


In order to make its activities and productions known to as many people as possible, so that the results can be used as quickly as possible, Dynafor regularly publishes a newsletter, Dynafor Info.

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Dynafor now has a regularly updated website (9574 visits over the period 07/2018-06/2019) and a presence on several social networks (Facebook - 139 subscribers, Twitter - 703 followers, Youtube - 50 subscribers, up to 452 views per video).


Dynafor's various activities are carried out in various fields and give rise to research experiences that influence the results


Dynafor has been involved in communication activities specifically aimed at socio-economic actors, for example by producing videos related to agro-ecological and sylvo-ecological management (Sebioref, integrative forest management) or by organizing an evening with farmers from the study sites during Dynafor's 15th anniversary. 

A large number of Dynafor members participate in events for the general public (Dynafor exhibition "Des territoires et des Hommes", participation in conferences, e. g. Aulon, Pibrac, Quai des savoirs).

Scientists and ITA also participate in educational communication activities (MOOC, books). As part of the agro-ecology dictionary, Dynafor worked with ENSAT and PURPAN students to propose definitions that were integrated into the dictionary. 

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