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UMR Dynafor is organized into 2 scientific axes (Axis 1, Group), 3 activity groups (Management, OrgaTerrain, InfoGeom) and 6 transversal missions (Prevention, Quality, Communication, Open Science, EcoResponsibility, Research-Learning Synergies).

In coherence with its scientific posture and its objects of study, Dynafor has set up a shared governance. This governance is based on 5 complementary bodies, with voluntary and adapted redundancy in order to involve the unit's agents, guarantee the circulation of information internally and encourage anticipation and coordination.























Representation of the composition of Dynafor's 5 governing bodies and their articulation.
GUDU = Management Board, AG = General Assembly, Non-Perm = non-permanent, C-EC = researchers and teacher-researchers, AI-Tec = Assistant engineers and technicians.

Director: Clélia Sirami
Assistant Directors : Antoine Brin, David Sheeren and Aude Vialatte
Head of Group Management: Thierry Courbun
Head of InfoGeom Group: Wilfried Heintz
Head of OrgaTerrain Group: Jerôme Molina

Persons in charge of the Prevention Mission: Fabien Laroche and François Calatayud
Quality Mission Managers: Laurent Burnel and Floriane Clément
Head of the Communication Mission: Marc Deconchat
Head of the Open Science Mission: Wilfried Heintz
EcoResponsibility Mission Manager: Clélia Sirami
Responsible for the Mission Synergies Research-Learning : Antoine Brin

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