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The Dynafor lab was created on 1 January 2003 from the grouping of researchers and technicians from the Toulouse Research Unit of the SAD Department, all the staff of the Agroforestry and Rural Forest Unit of the EFPA Department, and a team from ENSAT, representing 14 staff.

It has been renewed on the same basis for the 2007-2011 quadrennial. On 1 January 2007 it had 17 employees and expanded to 30 in 2009.

From 2010, Dynafor has expanded significantly again with the arrival of a new component made up of 2 teams from the Purpan Engineering School (EI Purpan) which joined the INPT at that time. These 2 teams represented 8 people, bringing the permanent staff of the UMR to 38 employees.

Following several departures and arrivals during the current contract, the Dynafor unit is composed of 41 agents in 2019.

Dynafor's scientific objectives have evolved in a logic of continuity over the course of successive contracts, taking into account changes in current skills and scientific questions. These guidelines were discussed during the unit seminars and developed with the support of the supervisors and in line with the results of previous evaluations. Dynafor's scientific objectives in 2003 were to develop research on the dynamics of forest formation in agricultural landscapes, in 2009, to produce scientific references, tools and models for ecological landscape engineering in rural territories, and in 2014, to develop agroecology in agricultural and forest territories.

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