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Recherche en Analyse et Modélisation de Systèmes Socio-Ecologiques Spatialisées

The Ramsses axis (Lead: D. Sheeren, who succeeded M. Goulard) focuses on remote sensing issues and the modelling of socio-ecological landscapes. It is an interdisciplinary axis, including remote sensors, geomaticians, statisticians and modelers. This axis has mainly focused on the perennial elements of agroforestry landscapes (forests, hedges, meadows, vines) in several study sites, particularly in Occitania. The objectives of Ramsses are to structure research in remote sensing and agri-forestry landscape modelling within the unit. 

Diversity of representations of the heterogeneity of agri-forestry landscapes made possible by remote sensing and mobilized at Dynafor to model landscape-biodiversity relationships (Sebioref, HyperBIO) or landscape-SE (Muesli). NDVI: Normalized difference vegetation index, PRI: Photochemical Reflectance Index, VARIre: Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index red-edge

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