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Dynafor encouraged seven agents to stay abroad. C. Barnaud (2018-2019, Agreenskills + programme) spent 12 months at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland. A. Ouin (2016-2017, CRCT) spent 6 months at Davis University in the USA. A. Vialatte (2018, AAP INRA-CSIRO) spent 4 weeks at CSIRO in Brisbane, Australia. L. Barbaro (2018, OHIM project) made two 3-week visits to the University of Tucson, USA. Several doctoral students have spent two months abroad: H. Thierry (2014, Agreenium, SMI scholarship) at the CSIRO in Brisbane; P. -A. Herrault (2014, SMI scholarship) at the WSL in Zurich, Switzerland; R. Carrié (2015, Agreenium) for three months at the University of Würzburg in Germany; N. Ratsimba (2018) for 4 weeks at the CSIRO in Brisbane.


Dynafor also supported the hosting of four foreign guest researchers, with the financial support of the INPT and INRA: M. Dufrêne (Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Belgium) to work on spatialized ecosystem services in agricultural environments (10 days in 2018); H. Parry (CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia) to work on biological regulation and spatial modelling (1 month in 2015 and 2018); N. Dendoncker (University of Namur, Belgium) to work on integrated assessment of ecosystem services (6 months in 2017); and G. Moser (RIOS lab, University of Genoa, Italy; 10 days in 2016). 

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