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Biodiversité des forêts rurales et des milieux semi naturels dans les paysages

The BioFor axis (Leaders: A. Brin and L. Barbaro) studies the functioning of biodiversity, its conservation and sustainable forest management. This is an axis focused on the discipline of ecology, including forest ecologists, community ecologists and landscape ecologists. This axis focuses on a wide range of taxonomic groups, organizational levels (tree, spot, landscape, biome) and temporal levels (from recent woodlands to old growth forests). The work was mainly carried out in the Pyrenees and the Cévennes, as well as in Ukraine and Romania. Its objectives are to gain a better understanding of biodiversity patterns observed at different organizational levels and to produce biodiversity indicators to facilitate integrative forest management in collaboration with socio-economic partners. 


Density and diversity of dendromicrohabitats throughout the sylvigenic cycle in subnatural beech-fir forests.

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